Time TablesBEST ROUTE FOR RACERS to get to each leg

Racers’ Time Table

This time table was designed by experienced racers to help out new racers, with consideration to the road closures. We hope this assists you in your planning.

Road Closure

The Mt. Baker Highway (542) will be closed from 7:15 AM to 11 AM between Canyon Creek Road in Glacier and Mt. Baker Lodge. Any viewers, participants or additional support vehicles who want to go to the top of the mountain must pass Canyon Creek Road prior to 7:15 AM.  No vehicles will be allowed to travel down the mountain prior to 11:00 AM. After approximately 11:00 AM (or later as determined by the Whatcom County Sheriff) and for the duration of the race, vehicles traveling down Mt. Baker Highway (west) will be released behind the Sweeper Van which is sweeping the Running Course for racers.


All vehicles must drive in the right hand lane behind the Sweeper Van. There is NO vehicle stopping on the way down as this creates a log jam on the highway.


Dispersal is based upon the flow of the race, and may be delayed in case of emergency or other safety concerns. Team members, spectators and fans should plan accordingly. For safety reasons, vehicles may NOT park along the course between DOT and the Mt Baker Lodge.


NOTE: The Race start time is 7:30 AM sharp! Please plan accordingly.


Logistical Suggestions


Cross Country Ski / Downhill Ski or Snowboard / Run / Road Bike

Suggested Departure from Bellingham: 5:00am

Both skiers, the runner, and road biker should ride together. Drop the biker off at the SNO-Park (1/2 mile past the DOT Shed) on the way up the mountain. Proceed to the Heather Meadows Lodge parking lot. If you are picking up a runner at the DOT snow shed (runner – bike exchange area), we will announce your team number as you reach Sno-Park. That way, your runner will be ready and waiting for you. The announcer will be standing beside the road just before SnoPark. Simply show them your team bib or tell them your team number. They will then announce it over the PA at the DOT snow shed. Continue down to pick up the biker at Riverside Park.




Suggested Departure from Bellingham: 7:45am

Location: Riverside Park, Everson. Canoes can be dropped off at Riverside Park on Saturday in the afternoon from 12:00-5:00pm and will be watched overnight by the Boy Scouts.


Cyclocross Bike

Suggested Departure from Bellingham: 9:45am

Location: Hovander Park, on the south side of Ferndale.


Sea Kayak

Suggested Departure from Bellingham: 10:45am

Location: Squalicum Harbor, Point Park, Bellingham. Kayaks can be dropped off at Squalicum Harbor on Saturday from 12-10pm and will be watched overnight by the Boy Scouts.


For Details on each Race Leg please go to Race Legs & Info.


Best Way to Carpool to Mountain


One Team/Eight Racer Scenario – MOST COMMON

There is NO STOPPING or DROPPING OFF at the DOT Shed. All vehicles must proceed onto the SNO-PARK about 1/2 mile past DOT shed. This is enforced.


  1. 1. Skiers, Runner and Road Biker all ride up in Vehicle #1.
  2. 2. Road Biker is dropped off @ SNO-Park (1/8 mile past DOT) with a comfy chair, a book, plenty of water and snacks.
  3. 3. AFTER the race, the skiers come down HWY 542, pick up the Runner at SNO-Park (1/8 mile from DOT shed) with all the biker’s gear.
  4. 4. Drive to the next race station to cheer on team.
  5. 5. Vehicle #2 drives canoe and Canoers to start line in Everson.
  6. 6. Vehicle #2 is driven back from Everson by Road Biker.
  7. 7. Road Biker in Vehicle #2 proceeds to Hovander Park to pick-up canoe and Canoers when they arrive.
  8. 8. Cyclocross Biker rides to Hovander Park to get their warm-up in.
  9. 9. Vehicle #3 (support team) drops Kayaker at Zuanich Park, then parks the car near the Finish Line in Fairhaven.


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