FAQSome of the Most Common Ski to Sea Questions

How many racers make up a team?

A: Traditionally, eight, since you need two paddlers for the canoe leg.  Beginning in 2018, a racer will be allowed to participate in multiple legs (a maximum of three different legs per racer) so teams can be made up of anywhere from three to eight racers.

How can I find a racer for my team?

A: The Message Board allows you to post a message that says you are seeking a racer.

I want to race so how do I find a team to join?

A: The Message Board allows you to post a message that you want to race, but need a team to join.

Why should I join the Ski to Sea Facebook page?

A: Our Facebook keeps you up to date on breaking news, and allows you to communicate with other racers.

Can I compete in more than one race leg?

A: Beginning in 2018, yes.  A racer can compete in up to three different legs of the race for the same team or multiple teams.  Please be advised that your chip timing will continue during any gear or clothing transitions and travel and gear logistics are the responsibility of the team and their support crew.

Can I do the race solo?

A: No, at this time we do not allow for solo racers, a team must have at least three racers.

What happens if a racer discovers that they cannot race a day or two before race day?

A: The Team Captain is responsible for obtaining a replacement racer. The Replacement Racer MUST also sign the Hold Harmless form before race day or on-site at the Race Day Meeting held for that particular leg of the race.  The easiest fix to this problem is for one of the racers to cover a second leg.

Will there be water provided?

A: Yes, there will be water provided by Zip 2 Water at each leg of the race, except for the Run to Road Bike exchange, where bottled water will be provided for incoming runners.  Supplies are limited at the DOT station and we recommend that road bikers bring water to the transition point.

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