Course Length: Approximately 13 miles (21 km)

Average Time (H:MM:SS) is 1:23:00.  Range is 0:37:10-2:10:40.
In 2022, the first racer finished this Leg at 12:45 pm
See a short highlight video of this leg here.


The course is new for 2022 and we will have distance information soon. The biker may help the canoeists carry the canoe from the river to the finish line (about 30-40 yards). Timing Chip handoff can take place anytime between the river bank and the Canoe finish line banner. The biker is responsible for the canoeists’ finish time. Please be in position when your teammate is approaching, take the chip from the canoeist, swipe chip to create a canoe finish/bike start time, ride the approved course and then pass the chip to the kayaker at Squalicum Harbor. The timing chip will be on a wrist band and must always be worn by THE RACER to ensure accurate times. The biker may have a helper get his/her bike out when his/her team is coming in to finish the Canoe Leg. The helper may not give the biker a push to get started.

Generally, the S2S course is designed to challenge all types of riders, which is not as easy as it sounds. Riders with little experience will be able to get through this course, and the most experienced riders will feel it in their legs and have a fun time. We do our best to extract the most interesting course we can, given that challenge. It is not an extremely technically demanding course but will challenge riders of all abilities. Of course, weather and trail conditions at the time of the race will determine its technical difficulty. The course may change year to year.

The course is subject to last minute changes. We have not provided detailed instructions on the course because we don’t want riders trespassing over private property while trying to practice. Much of this course is over spongy open fields, single track, double track, and varying urban elements so be prepared.

Vehicle drafting is prohibited. Bikers may not follow closer than 50 feet from any motor vehicle at any time.

Outside assistance along the course is not allowed and there are no services provided (other than emergency communications) along the course. Racers are allowed (not required) to help one another with repairs in order to complete the course. We recommend racers carry basic tools for on-course repairs. The race committee’s official monitors will be at set intervals and violations of these rules or deviation from the course will result in the entire team’s disqualification. The course is approximately 13 miles long on gravel, pavement, trails and dirt. The course will be well marked on race day. All traffic laws shall be obeyed.

Volunteers will be stationed along the route to keep racers on course and make sure each biker is going through all of the features. It is the rider’s responsibility to know the course and be attentive to race day trail markings.

Section One: Hovander Park to Slater Road

You start with Cyclocross features in the park and then bike south (new direction for 2022). This section is flat with a well-defined route, staying mainly on existing gravel pathways. You will be going under Slater Road Bridge which has a low clearance, we recommend dismounting. Then you will enter the parking lot on the south side of Slater Road.

Section Two: Slater Road to Marine Drive

This section is also relatively flat. There will be dirt roads that lead to grassy trails and through a slough. In addition, this more diverse section with go through open dirt roads, mud, wetland (low elevation), and some more leg-sapping open field riding. Because this route is on undeveloped land, you will need to pay close attention to the bright yellow arrows and taping to make sure you stay on course. There are also short sections of lightly technical single and double-track that mix it up and offer some variety to the ride. This section has some areas that may challenge some of the more novice riders and offer a fun respite to the more advanced riders.

Section Three: Marine Drive to Zuanich Point Park

This section mixes it up with road riding, green trail paths, some gravel paths, and a set of stairs. Be aware that this entire section is open to the public during the race so make please pedestrians aware of your approach. There is a bit of climbing/descending on this section. PLEASE pay attention and obey course workers and signage.  Riders will exit off Marine Drive, to the gravel trail that leads to Little Squalicum Park and make a right turn down the hill toward the lower trail, then turning left up the trail to cross Illinois Street. There will be a sharp U-turn on gravel that you will need to control your speed on as you will work your way into Squalicum Creek Park. There will be some cyclocross course features, including a set of stairs and there is another corner on gravel that you will need to watch your speed at the bottom of the hill.  The final mile of the course follows pavement and puts riders at Zuanich Point Park for the transition with your kayaker.


There will NOT be a designated pre-ride on the Cyclocross Bike course in 2022. The course will be groomed May 21st and 22nd but will not be completely marked until May 28th. The course will be marked on Race Day but all riders need to be aware that they must obey all rules of the road (including but not limited to Stop signs and signals) as there won’t be flaggers or officers at all intersections. Please be aware that trails are open to public and respect trail and park users.

Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting:

There will be a pre-race meeting held at 11:00 AM on race day at Hovander Park at the sandbar on the river. IT IS MANDATORY THAT ALL RACERS ATTEND THIS MEETING TO GET THE LATEST SAFETY INFORMATION ABOUT THE COURSE.

Timing Chips:

Race Timing Chips will consist of the chip on a wristband, and must be passed onto the next racer at each leg exchange area according to the rules. Cyclocross Biker: take the chip from the canoeist, swipe chip in front of the bulls-eye to create a finish/start time, bike your event, and pass the chip to the kayaker.


A designated team representative must pick up the team’s race packet prior to the race.  The packet includes the team timing chip, racing bibs & T-shirts. The designated team representative must distribute items to team members. There will be no racing bibs at the exchange areas.


There are no restrictions on what bike you can use, (the exception being recumbents and Ebikes) but all bikes must be in good condition. While you can use a Mountain Bike for this Leg, Cyclocross Bikes are strongly suggested as well as tubeless tires (with sealant) due to blackberry bushes and other obstructions that may cause punctures. Aerobars are not allowed on this leg of the race. Keep in mind that there will be mud, loose gravel, and grass; basic off road conditions. Tire width restrictions will not be enforced, however, please note that helmets are MANDATORY. Helmet stickers are being provided with your team number on it in order to make it easier to announce your arrival at the leg finish. A race official will inspect each bike prior to the race to make sure bikes comply with rules. I-Pods, MP3, Walkman or similar music/audio systems are NOT allowed to be used by the racers while competing.

On-site race officials will determine the time for an early release if your teammate is late in coming into the Race Exchange area. Be sure to attend to Pre-Race meeting on Race Day for details.

Bring your bike ready to race! Lenny’s Bike Shop is NOT able to provide a bike mechanic at Hovander from 11:30-3:30 in 2022 due to staff shortage but you can take your bike to their Ferndale of Lynden location for a tune-up prior to the race.

Infraction of Rules:

Infraction of the rules by one team member may disqualify the entire team.


It is important for all racers to show their bib numbers when crossing the exchange areas. Timing of individual legs may vary based upon exchange area layout. Therefore, personal time kept by racers may not correspond to official results.

Volunteering for Cyclocross Bike Leg:

If you want to volunteer for the Cyclocross Bike Leg of the race, please fill out our Volunteer Form.