FAQSome of the Most Common Ski to Sea Questions

How many racers make up a team?

A: Eight, since you need two paddlers for the canoe leg.

How can I find a racer for my team?

A: The Message Board allows you to post a message that says you are seeking a racer.

I want to race so how do I find a team to join?

A: The Message Board allows you to post a message that you want to race, but need a team to join.

Why should I join the Ski to Sea Facebook page?

A: Our Facebook keeps you up to date on breaking news, and allows you to communicate with other racers.

Can I compete in more than one race leg?

A: No, a racer is only allowed to compete in one race leg, and only for one team. If a team captain allows a person to race in more than one leg, or knows that the racer is already racing for another team, that team may be disqualified.

Can I do the race solo or in tandem?

A: No, as the race is a team race, and that team is made up of 8 racers.

What happens if a racer discovers that they cannot race a day or two before race day?

A: The Team Captain is responsible for obtaining a replacement racer. The Replacement Racer MUST also sign the Hold Harmless form before race day or on-site at the Race Day Meeting held for that particular leg of the race.

Will there be water provided?

A: Yes, there will be water provided by Zip 2 Water at each leg of the race, except for the Run to Road Bike exchange, where bottled water will be provided.

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